Seatbelt Saturday - Sept 29/30


BAYS has designated Saturday and Sunday, September 29 & 30, 2018, as “Seatbelt Saturday” weekend. For all BAYS games played on that weekend, we’re asking you to support our efforts to help give the game back to the kids by just sitting down. 

Seatbelt Saturday is an effort to create a better game environment, to enhance player development, and increase game enjoyment.  

  • The goals of Seatbelt Saturday are simple. During the run of play, we hope:To discourage coaches from shouting tactical instructions, directions, or criticisms to the players on the field
  • To encourage coaches to use the opportunity to coach and instruct the substitutes who are seated next to them on the bench
  • To encourage parents and spectators to just sit down, and limit their comments to positive statements of player and team support
  • To help create a more enjoyable game environment for everyone
  • To help players take control of their game
  • To enhance player communication

What can you do? Coaches should remain seated on the bench (or your folding chair) during the first and second halves. It’s OK to be up and about during pre-game warm ups, half-time, and when the game ends. At all other times please take a seat on the bench. Try to avoid shouting. Keep your tone and volume restrained.  Keep instructions to your on-field players to a minimum. Use your time on the bench to interact and coach your substitutes. Have them carry any messages or instructions to the on-field players when they enter the game. 

Parents are a big part of this program, and their support is needed to ensure its success. Spectators should remain seated during the first and second halves, avoid negative comments, and provide positive support.

We hope that this results in a better and more enjoyable game environment for everyone, but particularly for the players and referees.

Remember, however, that Seatbelt Saturday is a voluntary program and a team that chooses not to participate should not be penalized.

We hope that you enjoy the experience. Let us know how it goes. Send comments (including player reviews) and pictures of your seated, relaxed, and positive coaches to [email protected].  

Thank you for your support of Seatbelt Saturday!

Ed McDonald

BAYS President