Rosters Standard

Detailed instructions for filling out the BAYS Roster Form

All BAYS teams must use an official BAYS game roster. Computer-generated forms which deviate slightly in format are permissible as long as all of the required information is included.

Information on the rosters must be typewritten or computer generated. The handwritten addition of player names is not permitted. However, handwritten notations are acceptable to (a) correct uniform numbers and (b) delete players who are absent from a particular game.

Use the following table for information on the individual fields on the roster form. The example is based on a fictitious team, the Medfield Strikers, that has been assigned team number 547 by BAYS and has been placed in Boys Grade 6, Division 2, Section C.

For rosters submitted electronically, see the supplementary instructions for the eRoster program.





Town/team name

The name of your town followed by the team name.

Medfield Strikers


Age group

The gender and age group the team is playing in.

Boys Grade 6



The BAYS division and section where this team has been placed.



Team ID#

The BAYS team ID number (1 to 4 digits) assigned during placement and found on the placement sheets.


Must be included on all rosters.

Roster date

The date when this copy of the the roster was prepared.



Coach information

The name, address, phone number, and email address of the team's coach and assistant coach (if any).

Richard Welsh 
11 Hearthstone Drive 
Medfield, MA 02052 
(508) 359-7063
[email protected]

If neither the coach nor the assistant coach are at the game, the acting coach must handwrite his/her contact information on the form.

Shirt #

The player's uniform number.


Not required on copy submitted to division director. On game roster, may be added/corrected by hand. No duplicate numbers permitted.

Last Name
First Name

The player's name, last name first.

Aatvarr, Chris

The list of players must be in alphabetical order. Start at line one and do not leave any blank lines. Draw a line across the page after the last name.

Date of birth

The player's birthdate.


 Grade The school grade the player is in 6  Use PG if the player has graduated


The player's town of residence.



Waiver #

Waiver # assigned by BAYS for residency, age, or roster size waivers.



MTOC validation

Leave blank.


This is the space for the league registrar's stamp (where required).

Coach's certification

Signature acknowledging that the coach understands the rules and agrees to abide by them.


This signature is required on game day rosters but is not needed when the roster is submitted to BAYS.

Town registrar's certification

Signature certifying that the players and coaches meet all league, state, and national requirements.


A signature is required on all paper rosters, including copies submitted to BAYS. On electronic rosters, the printed name of the town registrar is required.

Referee information

Leave blank.


For referee's use.