Revised Mask Guidelines Effective May 29, 2021

As expected, Mass Youth Soccer released another version of updated COVID protocols, bringing them more into alignment with the CDC and Commonwealth of MA EEA guidance.

Important changes in the new protocols are summarized below. Click here for the detailed Mass Youth Soccer COVID protocols:

  • CDC recommendations for unvacinated individuals should be followed (social distancing among family groups etc)

  • Players hould continue to have their own personal equipmewnt and not share.

Please keep in mind, individuals may choose to wear a mask at their, or in the case of a child, the parents’ discretion. As a community, BAYS should continue to support and respect all individuals and avoid any mask shaming or bullying. 

BAYS wants to reinforce that Home Town rules still APPLY. Some town, city, and regional Boards of Health, as well as club organizations may impose more restrictive measures for facial coverings for participants and spectators. If so, these restrictions take precedence and must be respected and followed when games take place under those jurisdictions. 

  • Remind coaches to communicate any specific restrictions to their visiting opponents well in advance of game time.

Additionally, under this new guidance, the restrictions on teams playing multiple opponents in a single day are removed. This opens up the possibility of scheduling make-up games vs different opponents on the same day as regularly scheduled BAYS games.

We will be working on updating the COVID Resources page on the BAYS website but wanted to get this out to our member organizations as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your support. Stay SAFE and enjoy the rest of the season!

BAYS Executive Team