Referee Directors Message - Fall 2022

BAYS REFEREE DIRECTORS:   Gesse Faber and Jeremy Solomons [email protected]

Assignors and Referees,

Welcome to the 2022 Fall season! We are looking forward to being out on the field and to being in touch with you all again.

All the BAYS rules and the 2021-22 IFAB LOTG are in effect this season.

As assignors and referees we all need to work together to make sure that players have fun, are safe, and that games are fair.

There are THREE things we would like to focus on this season:

  1. The Laws of the Game (LoTG) and BAYS league rules. 

  2. Helping referees manage the certification and the recertification process.

  3. Communication and support 

Some points of focus and changes:

GAME REPORTS: Referees, please REPORT GAMES as SOON as you can. The SAME DAY is best. Within 24 hours is great. Use as much detail as you can when there are cards, zero-tolerances, and any major injuries.

ABANDONED / TERMINATED MATCHES must be reported within 24 hours to allow everyone time to do all the background work to figure out what to do next. The more DETAILS the better!

LATE CANCEL FINE POLICY:  A late cancel is when a game gets canceled late for reasons other than severe weather or unplayable fields.

Coaches must notify their opponent by Thursday at 7pm for weekend games or 12 noon the day prior to weekday games. If a coach misses the deadline, the referees will be paid by that coach’s club. Once the assignor is notified, they need to change the game status.

REFEREE PAY:   Referee Payment Information | Boston Area Youth Soccer

  • BAYS pays 9v9 AR assignments.

  • No payment will be made unless a game report is submitted. 

  • Pay History on the Referee menu on My BAYS shows incomplete game reports on the first tab, if games have been accepted.

  • November 30 is a hard deadline to complete all game reports for the Fall 22 season. Referees will not be paid for games without a submitted game report and the submission window closes 11/30.

RESPECT - BAYS RESPECT Campaign | Boston Area Youth Soccer

Talk to referees, coaches, and families about this important campaign.


      1 Lanyard for each coach Every coach must WEAR their 2022-2023 MYSA Credential

      2 Official Paper Rosters must be handed to the referee (Detailed rules about rosters

  • One paper roster is allowed if the other coach agrees. Coach can take a picture.
  • Team Check In Process Update: Read off each player's number from the roster and have the player say their own name to ensure it is pronounced correctly. This is a matter of respect and should also prompt the coaches to correct any duplicate numbers prior to the game kicking off.

      3 Coaches Maximum allowed on the player's side of the field.


Players' Equipment/Jerseys/Shin Guards/Casts/Splints/Orthopedic Braces/Jewelry/Medical, Religious and Cultural Items

We hope you will have a safe and fun experience refereeing games this season.

Have a great season!

Gesse and Jeremy