Referee Directors Message - Fall 2021


Gesse Faber & Mark Plecinoga
[email protected] (goes to both)

Hello Assignors and Referees!

Welcome to the fall season! We are back to normal soccer this season and masks are no longer required; however, MYSA recommends that coaches wear masks when interacting with players and that players maintain social distancing when not actively playing and while on the sidelines. Referees may wear masks at their discretion (or their parent’s discretion if the referee is a minor.) The use of electronic whistles is recommended (but not required.) BAYS urges all referees to use electronic whistles. You can read the MYSA Fall 2021 Recommended Procedures at this link:

All the BAYS rules and current IFAB LOTG are in effect this season.

The 2020-2021 changes to the Laws of the Game remain in effect this season. As a reminder, IFAB has added a clarification to a handball in its 2020-2021 LOTG publication:

  • The boundary between the shoulder and the arm is defined as the bottom of the armpit (see diagram.)
  • ‘Accidental’ handball by an attacking player (or teammate) is only penalized if it occurs ‘immediately’ before a goal or clear goal-scoring opportunity.


Highlights of the LOTG changes can be found in the Referees menu on the BAYS website or by clicking here:

General Information

In general, each referee is advised to review the most recent Mass Youth Soccer Return to Soccer Activities guidelines at

Referee Health – Monitor your health! If you do not feel well contact a licensed medical professional for guidance. If you are sick, recovering from being sick, or under a quarantine order, you may not participate in refereeing soccer matches. There will be no stigma attached to declining any match at any time, and a referee need not provide a reason why they are declining any match or provide any health information at any time.

Referee Responsibilities

  • Arrive at your matches at least 20 minutes prior to kickoff.
  • Verify all coaches on the sideline (maximum of 3) have MYSA 2021-2022 credentials. The game may not kick off if there is not at least one credentialed adult in each technical area.
  • Collect two (2) paper rosters from each coach. Keep one roster and give the other one to the opposing coach. Coaches should write in player’s numbers (if not preprinted) and cross off any coaches or players absent. Referees should assure the number of people in the technical area corresponds to those listed as present on the roster.
  • Referees should perform a safety check of the players (e.g., shin guards, casts, jewelry) while maintaining at least six feet of social distancing.
    • If a player elects to wear a mask, only ear-loop type masks are allowed.
  • Player pass cards are not required during the fall season.
  • Know the LOTG and the rules of competition for the match you are doing.

After a Match:

  • Do not engage in any post-match celebrations such as a handshake line.
  • File your game report (preferably on the same day as the game.) This is a requirement to get paid. The game report has been modified, clarifying some questions, and adding questions about issuing yellow cards, red cards and if there were any serious injuries during the game. The last day to file a game report for the fall season is November 30. After that date, the season and game report submission window are closed in BAYS and referees who did not complete a game report by November 30 will not be paid for that game.

We hope you will have a safe and fun experience refereeing games this season.

Have a great season!

Gesse & Mark