Referee Directors Message - Fall 2019


Frank Bagnardi & Levon Akoghlanian
[email protected] (goes to both)

Hello Assignors!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer, has recharged their batteries, and is ready for the Fall season.

There are a couple of point of emphasis that I would like to identify. Some of them you have seen before but need to be re-stressed as we do seem to be repeating the same errors each season. Some you will be seeing for the first time. Please share the following bullet points with the referees.

We will not be using the new changes to the Laws of The Game (LOTG) until the spring 2020 and the referees have had them introduced properly at their recertification clinics. PLEASE do not implement these into your matches until the SPRING.

  • Be on time for your matches.  For a referee that is 20-30 minutes prior to kick off.  Too many games are being conducted without a safety check or a check of rosters and credentials.
  • If you have a player send-off or coach ejection in your match, your game report must include the following: Who is ejected, What happened, Where on the field, When in the match, and Why you ejected them (using the LOTG reason.)
  • Game reports must be completed for you to get paid!  Please do your game report immediately upon returning home from your match and be sure to hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the report!
  • Know your LOTG and Rules of Competition for the match you are doing. We are having games played with the wrong sized ball, the wrong length of half, etc. You owe the match this duty!
  • On August 16, the BAYS BOD mandated the following: Coaches must bring a government issued photo ID or a picture of that photo ID on their phone to the fields with them
  • Prior to kickoff at every game, referees will ask ALL coaches on the sidelines to show them a government issued photo ID or a picture of a government issued ID on their phone, which will then be matched against the coach names listed on the roster.
  • Only coaches who have a valid ID and are listed on a team roster will be allowed on the sideline with the kids. 
    • If a team has a substitute coach for a game and the coach is not listed on that team's roster, the coach must be listed on a valid roster from another team in that club, show the referee that roster, and show the referee a government issued photo ID or a picture of a government issued ID on their phone.
  • NO Credential Lanyard or Coaches Card will be required at this time.

There is of course much more we can pack into this letter, but I’m going to keep it brief.  I would like to finish with one more point.  You are some of the best, most prepared and dedicated officials in the state of Massachusetts.  Continue the great work that you do to make yourself better in your matches.  If there is anything that you need that your assignor cannot provide or you have a question about your match that you are just not sure about, please reach out to me at [email protected].  If I cannot get that information to you immediately, I am happy to research the issue and will report back.

Have a great season!


Frank Bagnardi, BAYS Referee Director