Referee Directors Message - Fall 2018


Frank Bagnardi & Levon Akoghlanian
[email protected] (goes to both)

Hello Referees,

I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready for the Fall BAYS season re-energized and ready to roll!

Before we get started, I’d like to congratulate two of our referees for being awarded the Stephen A. Kokolski scholarship. This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of referee pioneer Stephen Kokolski and is administered by his family who are still very much a part of our referee community in Massachusetts. Mehdi Begag from Hudson and Frankie Doyle of Newton were this year’s recipients. Mehdi will be attending the University of Connecticut and Frankie will be attending Harvard. Congrats again and best of luck to both!

There are a couple of points of emphasis for the upcoming fall season with the main one being that the small BAYS passcard ID for coaches is no longer a valid form of identification for coaches in a BAYS match. 

The MYSA coaches credential is the only permitted proof of eligibility allowed and must be presented prior to the game and should be worn on a lanyard during the match. Any coach/adult not presenting this form of identification should not be allowed on the team sideline/bench. If no properly credentialed person is available to represent the team, the match should not be played. All club presidents are aware of this, and the information should have been passed down at this point. This past spring season was the grace period for this requirement.

Other reminders going into the season.

  • Please review your BAYS Rules of Competition prior to each match. There should be no confusion on the procedures and rules for the different age levels.
  • Act professionally and please do not engage spectators in conversation during your matches. If you are loud with your whistle and clear with your signals, there should be no need to explain your calls.  If you’d like as a courtesy to verbalize what you’ve called for the players, feel free, but again, please don’t get into extended conversations. Especially with spectators. 
  • Any spectator issue or interference should be handled by the coach of the team that the offending individual is associated with. Please refer any issue to that coach.
  • Please be sure to arrive and start your games on time. On time for a referees is defined as 30 minutes prior to the kickoff. You need this time to safety check your field and goals, check in the teams and verify the coaches have their proper credentials.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, your town assignor should be your first point of contact. If you need assistance beyond that, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to get back to you within a day.

That’s about it for now. Have a great and safe season and remember to have fun!


Frank Bagnardi
BAYS Referee Director
[email protected]