Preliminary Spring Placements

Click here for the list of Grade 3 - 8 placements. Please check all of your placments. Make sure all of your teams have been placed.

If you would like to request a change, the Registrar must login and under My BAYS, select Team Placement Request. It will be available on Tuesday.

Rules for requests:

  • Enter a short destination, such as Up, Down, 2B/C
  • Enter a reason. Please limit it to 50 characters. Any more will be cut off and we will not understand. 50 CHARACTER total!   
  • Please do not micro-manage, meaning one section up or down does not matter, especially in D3 or 4.
  • Georgraphy is not considered in MTOC sections

The Spring Placement Meeting is Wednesday, March 7, 7:30 Wellesley Community Center. We may agree with your request but not be able to grant it. If you do not get your placement request, you may request that others help you out, in essence "horse trade." However, if you don't enter the request online by March 4, you may not ask at this meeting. 

Your spring invoices must be paid by this meeting, not just in the mail. $25 per team penalty will be added on March 9. Please mail your check0 early enough or login online and pay via Credit Card using the payment tool at the end of the online invoice. 


Dick Fischman