Instructions for US Youth Soccer Member Passcards

Passcard forms issued by US Youth Soccer starting in 2000 are to be used for players participating in certain BAYS Age Groups.

Passcards are required for all MTOC-eligible sections in divisions 1 and 2 for Grades 6, 8, and 11. Additionally, all Grade 12/PG sections in divisions 1 and 2, even though division 2 is not MTOC-eligible, require player passcards.

The following instructions apply to the official passcard, which is located on the left-hand side of the sheet. The right-hand "membership" card should be detached; it can be discarded or given to players as an acknowledgement of their US Youth Soccer membership.  All information on the front of the card must be typed. Handwritten passcards are not allowed.

Front of passcard:

Member: PLAYER
Name: Player's name 
Birthdate: Required for players only 
Team: Name of town organization (e.g., BROOKLINE SOCCER CLUB)

Rest of items on front should be left blank

Back of passcard: 
Player signature is not required.

A recent head-and-shoulders, color photograph must be glued in the space provided (do not use staples, tape, or a heat sensitive glue such as Elmer’s). The town registrar must sign on the line labeled "Registrar Signature/Stamp." This signature attests that the photograph belongs to the person named on the card and that the player birthdate has been verified.

Final steps:

Laminate the card. This can be done at many copy shops, or you can buy an inexpensive laminator and laminating sleeves at larger office supply stores. The proper size laminating sleeve is 2-5/8 inches x 3-7/8 inches (military size). CARDS MUST BE LAMINATED! Player passcards do not require any season validation sticker. 

Passcards may be re-used from year to year, provided that the photograph remains recognizable.