Initial Fall Team Placements

Initial placements for the Fall 2019 for Grades 3-8 are live on the BAYS site. Click HERE  The whole placement file can be printed and/or saved to a PDF. It may take a few moments to load.

Placements can also be accessed from within the Current Season—> Initial Placements dropdown.

Club Registrars or Club Presidents may request placement changes through their Team Admin—> Placement Change Request dropdown. 

You have until 9:00 AM, Monday August 12 to request a placement change through the system. No email change requests.

Please email [email protected] if any teams are duplicated, missing, or in the wrong gender. Teams in a Section X are teams that have been dropped.

At this time, we have room for new teams in: Girls Grade 8, Girls Grade 5, and Boys Grade 5. If you would like to enter a team in one of those grades, please send the details to [email protected]. If you would like to enter a team in any other grade, email the details and it will be placed on a waitlist.

We will release the Fall 2019 Team Registration invoice by August 1 with payment due no later than the Fall Placement meeting on Wednesday August 14 at the Wellesley Community Center @7:30PM.

The waiver application function for the Fall 2019 season will be available July 31.

Have a great season!

Evelyn Somers
BAYS 2nd VP – Team Registration