Game/Rule Summary for Referees, Coaches and Parents

Several parents, coaches, and referees have expressed frustration at being able to find BAYS-specific rules without having to wade through the rule-book, one by one.  Following is a summary of BAYS-specific rules which can also be found under the Referee tab.

Revised: 2017-03-03 Fall & Spring  Spring Only Fall Only
3rd/4th 5th/6th Grade Grade 8 Grade 10 Grade 12 High School
Format 7v7 9v9 11v11 11v11 11v11 7v7
Time 2 x 30 min 2 x 30 min 2 x 35 min 2 x 40 min 2 x 45 min 2 x 30 min
Heading No (attempted or actual) IFK for team not in violation  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ball Size #4 #4 #5 #5 #5 #5
Off-Side no yes yes yes yes yes
Penalty Mark 8 yds 10 yds 12 yds 12 yds 12 yds 12 yds
Referee Fee $25 $35 $50 $60 $70 $50
AR Fee n/a n/a $25 $40 $40 n/a
Roster Player Limit N/A

D1 & D2 Gr 6 = 16

other N/A

22 22 22 N/A
Players Needed to Start 6 7 8 8 7 6
Players Needed to Continue 5 6 7 7 7 5
Player Cards Never Spring: Gr. 6 Div 1 & 2 Spring: Div 1 & 2 Div 1 & 2  All No
If required, player passcards must be in color and resemble the player but do not need a current season sticker
Substitutions With the permission of the referee
  • after a goal, prior to a goal kick, prior to the start of the 2nd half - unlimited both teams
  • on a throw-in - the team with possession may sub unlimited, and if they choose to sub, then the defending team may sub unlimited
  • if an injured player(s) are substituted, then the opposing team may sub on a 1 for 1 basis
  • after a caution, the offending player must leave the field and cannot return until the next substitution opportunity; a substitution is allowed (but not required) for the carded player
  • a team that is already at the minimum number of players needed to continue play may temporarily play at below the minimum
  • any player who is bleeding must be substituted immediately and may return only when bandaged; bloody uniforms may not be worn
Rosters Two (2) printed copies (one for the referee, one for the opponent) and signed by the coach; electronic versions are not valid. All rosters must be typed/printed with no hand-written additions except for jersey numbers. The referee is not responsible for ascertaining the roster size or eligibility of players 


Coach Cards,

& Credentials

All adults on the sideline (to a maximum of three) must have a BAYS-approved or USYSA coaches card (in color) with current season BAYS sticker. Adults on the coach sideline do not have to be listed on the roster.
All coaches on the sideline must have a current valid MYSA Coach Credentials lanyard in their possession.

All adults on the sideline must stay within the technical area (if marked) and if not marked within an area designated by the referee.

Equipment Casts (even if padded) and jewelry (including earrings) of any kind (except for medical bracelets) are not allowed. All other equipment is at the discretion of the referee.
Special 3rd/4th Grade Rules

Goal Kick: defenders must retreat to the half-line, but the opposing team may kick before all defenders have retreated.

On a PK, all players except the kicker and the goalkeeper must be on the kickers defensive side of the half-line.

On a goal kick or goalkeeper save, the resulting punt or throw must touch a player or the ground in the goalkeeper's defensive half of the field; - if the ball lands or is touched first in the kicking teams offensive half the defending team will be awarded an indirect free kick from the half-line

Zero Tolerance Coaches may only address the referee to request a substitution or to direct attention to an unsafe condition (e.g. player injury, lightning). Spectators may only address the referee to direct attention to an unsafe condition.

     0.     No Issues: Everyone well behaved and positive.

     1.     Minor: Some comments. Did not disrupt enjoyment of game by players or distract the referee(s).

     2.     Major:  Significant comments. Did disrupt game. Cautions issued or should have been issued.

     3.     Severe:  Major distractions for the referee(s). Ejections for ZT occurred or should have occurred. Ref may or may not
                           have considered terminating the game.

Game Reporting All referees (including ARs) must fill out an online game report by Nov. 30 for the fall and June 30 for the spring in order to be paid. A narrative must be provided in any instance where a serious injury has occurred, where a player, coach, or spectator has been ejected, or where any participant's behavior has been given a zero tolerance rating of "2" or "3".