Fall 2020 Key Dates for Planning

The BAYS Fall Scenario Planning Task Force came together several times (virtually) as a diverse group from many different towns and holding a variety of roles and viewpoints including Club Presidents, Registrars, Referee Assignors, Field Schedulers, and BAYS Representatives.

Mike Shepard: North Attleboro 
Desmond Doyle: Mansfield
Richard Swallow: Northboro
Sandy Moore: Sudbury
David Gordon: Natick
Sara Osborn: Weston
Lauree Eckler: Concord Carlisle
Nikki Taylor: Bedford
Evelyn Somers: BAYS/Westwood
Tony Loftis: BAYS/Wayland

Our purpose was to start thinking about how the fall may be affected including schedules, team placements, etc. We knew we would have imperfect information, but we wanted to start working on some options. Here is a summary of our discussions and the KEY DATES the BAYS BOD voted to proceed with at the May 13 meeting

Fall Planning Assumptions:

Celebration of Soccer

The Fall 2020 Season should be more about celebrating the kids playing the game, than results.

Go/No Go Overall

For guidance about playing the fall season, BAYS will look to the same sources used to decide the spring season. The Fall season will not start unless all these sources agree that it is safe for children to play outdoor, inter-town sports this fall.
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer 
  • Status of schools
  • Centers for Disease Control & Mass. Department of Health
  • Federal and state authorities
  • MIAA – controls high school sports

Season Length/Structure

We decided to plan for a 10 game season structured as normal with tiered divisions and sections
  • Compress the placement process to push out the date towns needs to register teams by to give towns more time up front to register players given ongoing uncertainties - SEE Key Date Options below
  • Assume that placements may not be as granular given potential for no/limited player evaluations - SWAP flexibility will be key
  • Towns still determine and provide the same placement inputs for teams: Division requested, Hi-Med-Lo, Ordinal, Comments
  • BAYS will rely more heavily on town placement inputs rather than prior team records to decide section compositions
  • We discussed, but discarded, several other season constucts: publishing only 5 weeks then revising sections, planning for 8 weeks to start, etc.

Key Dates - Voted on by BAYS BOD May 2020

Fall 2020 Registration YOUTH Grades 3-8 - ULTRA Compressed
Team Registration Open 3-8
7/15 - 8/14
pushed back 35 days
Competition Committee 3-8
Initial Placement Development 3-8
3 days
was 12 days
Initial Placements posted 3-8
Town Placement Change Requests 3-8
4 days
was 14 days
Competition Committee - Revised Placements
General Placement Meeting/FALL INVOICE PAYMENTS Postmarked
Final Placements Posted
1 days
Field Sharing - Grade 3-8
6 days
Fall Schedule Posted Grade 3-8
5 days
was 12 days
Division Directors Assigned - Roster Dashboard Open
Mass Youth Affiliation PAYMENTS DUE for new Insurance binder
Start of Fall 2020 for Grades 3-8
12 days
was 16 days

Approach if Shorter Season is needed:

• 1 or 2 weeks - Make up games during the season - will be hard with expected EEE threat restricting weekday makeups after dusk
• 3+ weeks - Cancel game weeks from 10 week published schedule


  • Towns need to make their own choices on when and how they register players and when they collect player money
  • Potential to move BAYS team invoice payment due date. 
  • Need to discuss more and recommend refund approach for different season lengths but if no season:
    • If towns pay fall team registration and NO season happens, BAYS will refund 100% of team registration fees collected.