Extension of Makeup Window and Coaches Card Info

Extension of Makeup WindowWith many fields closed for the weekend, we've made an adjustment to our makeup timeline to help coaches get the games played.  For games not able to be played due to an unplayable field, BAYS has expanded the makeup window as follows:

For weeks 1,2,3  for matches not played due to unplayable fields or religious holiday,:

Non-MTOC teamshave until week 10 in which to make-up the match.

MTOC teamshave until week 6, i.e. Sunday, May 13, in which to make up the match.  In addition, division directors for MTOC sections have the discretion to extend that window if they believe that both teams are making a genuine effort to reschedule the match but cannot do so within the allowed extension period.

Elimination of Coaches CardsIn addition, you should be aware that BAYS is phasing out the BAYS coaches card.  Starting next fall, the Mass. Youth Soccer adult credential (aka "the lanyard") will be used by coaches in lieu of a BAYS coaches card.  For this spring only, BAYS referees have been advised to accept either the adult credential or an up-to-date BAYS coaches card from any adult seeking to coach a team or otherwise remain on the team sideline.  NOTE that this does not affect  tournament play.  Your coaches should contact the administration of any tournament they expect to play in to confirm their requirements for coach credentials.