Electronic Rosters - Naming and Submitting

Electronic rosters (eRosters) must be created in PDF format. This requires PDF file creation software, of which Adobe Acrobat is the best known (and most expensive) package many operating sytems and word processing programs also have a save as pdf option..

You can use your current roster format. The only new requirement is that the registrar’s name must be printed under the “Town Registrar’s Certification”, in lieu of a handwritten signature.


Each roster must be stored in a separate file. It is extremely important that you use the following file-naming convention exactly as shown:


  • G (or B) for girls or boys
  • Two Character Grade Group (03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 10, 12 use HS for the Fall HS program and PG if your spring grade 12 team contains a PG player).
  • Hyphen
  • Division and section - note the section could be multiple characters
  • Hyphen
  • BAYS id# (this is the 1 to 4 digit number shown in the placement charts; no leading zeros)
  • Hyphen
  • Month (two digits) and day (two digits); this must match the roster date shown on the roster.  It should be the date the roster is submitted.  This is the only field that distinguishes between different rosters as the other fields are usually set for the season (unless a swap occurs).  Leaving the date the same and changing the roster is a poor practice.

Strict adherence to the file-naming convention will allow us to identify and keep track of hundreds of rosters. If you don't follow this convention, we reserve the right to return the roster unprocessed and ask you to fix it.


eRosters are submitted to BAYS via email. Multiple eRoster files can be attached to a single email message. In the body of the message, include the name and title of the Club official submitting the rosters. eRosters will only be accepted from appropriate Club officials (registrar, president, travel director, etc.), not from individual coaches.

For all fall teams, and for non-MTOC-eligible teams in the spring, the eRoster should be emailed directly to the appropriate BAYS division director.  Please wait until the division director list is populated on the BAYS web site as Division Directors do change from season to season

For MTOC-eligible teams in the spring, email the roster to the BAYS registrar at [email protected]. The registrar will stamp the roster electronically and return it to you via email. The registrar will also forward a copy to the appropriate division director, so it is not necessary for you to do so. During the season, rosters submitted to the registrar by Monday of any given week will definitely be processed and returned in time for the following weekend's games. Later submissions during the week might be processed, but don't count on it.


After your eRoster submission is completed, it can be printed on paper (using the free Adobe Reader software) and sent to the coach for game use. Or you can simply email the roster to the coach and let him or her print it out.

Note that the printed eRoster must still be signed by the coach for game use. The town registrar’s signature is not required on the game roster because his/her name is printed on the roster.

Last Edit 15-April-2017 David Dalrymple BAYS Registrar