2021 Presidents' Cup Final Matches

Listed below is the game schedule for the Presidents' Cup final matches. Congratulations to all the participants.

All games are played at the Wheelock School fields in Medfield: 

17 Elm Street
Medfield, MA 02052

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2021 BAYS Presidents' Cup Schedule

Saturday June 19, 2021




Home Team

Visiting Team

 Girls Grade 5 D1 11:30am MDF 9v9 - 1  Medfield Warriors 5G  Wellesley Wolverines
 Girls Grade 5 D2 10:00am MDF 9v9 - 1  Mansfield Hornets I  Dedham Destroyers
 Girls Grade 5 D3 10:00am MDF 9v9 - 3  Parkway United  Milford Hopedale Hawks
 GirlsGrade 6 D3 8:30am MDF 9v9 - 4  Milford-Hopedale Sharp Shooters  Lincoln Leopards
 Girls Grade 8 D3 9:00am MDF 11v11 - 2  AB Lightning  Needham Chargers
 Boys Grade 5 D1 11:30am MDF 9v9 - 4  Lexington Raptors  Newton B Crew 
 Boys Grade 5 D2 8:30am MDF 9v9 - 1  A-B Galaxy  Holliston B
 Boys Grade 5 D3 8:30am MDF 9v9 - 3  Watertown Cobras  Weston Lions
 Boys Grade 6 D3 10:00am MDF 9v9 - 4  Milford Hopedale Jr. Hawks  Sudbury Academy Gunners
 Boys Grade 8 D3 9:00am MDF 11 v 11 - 1  Natick Cyclones  Bellingham Knights

Presidents' Cup Rules:

BAYS rules apply except as noted.

Each game must be played to a result. If tied at the end of regulation time, two five-minute overtime periods will be played in full. No "golden goal"; no "sudden death". If tied at the end of both overtime periods, the game shall be determined by FIFA-style kicks from the penalty spot. If, in the referee's sole discretion, there is a lack of sufficient daylight or poor weather or field conditions, the referee may direct the teams to proceed directly to penalty kicks at the conclusion of regular time and omit the overtime periods.

The winner of kicks from the penalty mark is awarded one(1) goal which is added to the number of goals at the end of the overtime period to determine the winner. 

At the conclusion of the final match, this year only, both teams are to remain at the field for the presentation of the cup and a team picture. T-shirts will be given out in a package. The team coach may go to the exchange table near the referee tent to exchange any T-shirts for a different size if needed. The teams are asked to leave the game field after the picture so the next game may get underway. To try on the T-shirts please find an area separate from other teams.