2021 BAYS MTOC Seeds

This grid will be populated as BAYS MTOC Representatives are determined.  The MTOC ID is the key to deciphering your schedule at MTOC


MTOC 2021








 G06 D1 A 10608 2157  Needham Sharks  David Jones  
 G06 D2 A 3170 2253  Mansfield Hornets I  Desmond Doyle  
 G06 D2 W/C B 10018 2262  Dedham Blazers  Jake Upton  
 G08 D1** A1 5529 4161  Needham Strikers  Deana Moreschi  
 G08 D2 A 30294 4257  Wayland Wildcats  Timothy Newton  
 G08 D2 W/C B 5534 4254  Milton Breakers  Bob Chen  
 G11 D1 A 30859 6156  Walpole U16 Girls  Michael St. George  
 G11 D2 A 30847 6255  Parkway United  Sean Cremin  
 G12 D1 A1 30858 8152  Walpole U18 Girls  Kevin Bock  
 B06 D1 A 6253 2107  Natick United  Ken Boggis  
 B06 D1 W/C A 10036 2104  Milton Red Storm  Tom Peterson  
 B06 D2 B 30509 2203  Arlington B6 Lightning  Asaph Jagendorf   
 B08 D1 A2 11518 4103  Needham United  Daniel Brownridge  
 B08 D2 A 30274 4207  Franklin Panthers  Mike Honekamp  
 B11 D1* A 30845 6105  Franklin United  Bjorn Dragsbaek  
 B11 D2 B 30850 6202  Attleboro Daffodils  Kurt Neuendorf  
 B12 D1 A1 30843 8104  Franklin Panthers  Lou Moccia   

* Note Framingham Flyers G11 won the Boys Grade 11 D1 slot but declined to go to MTOC

**Note Natick Strikers declined to go to MTOC

Decoding MTOC IDs  The four digit number has three fields.  The first character refers to the age group

2 = 12U or Grade 6

4 = 14U or Grade 8

6 -  Grade 11

8 - Grade 12/PG

The second character refers to the division either 1 or 2 (Grade 12/PG is only Div 1)

The last two digits are sequence numbers 1-12 for boys when 3 flights of 4 - less if smaller competition.  Girls are 51-62 when 3 flights of 4.