2019 BAYS MTOC Seeds

This grid will be populated as BAYS MTOC Representatives are determined.  The MTOC ID is the key to deciphering your schedule at MTOC


MTOC 2019








 G PG A1 11303 8159  Dedham Express  George Cariofiles  Semi-Finalist
 G PG W/C A2 11298 8165  Franklin Panthers  Rich Frongillo  2nd Place Group D
 G10 D1 A1 11268 6154  Walpole Frosh  John Thomsen  Finalist
 G10 D2 A2 11267 6256  Walpole Lady Rebels  Scott Richer  Semi-Finalist
 G08 D1 A 3568 4160  Needham United   Jim McShane  Champion
 G08 D2 A 10157 4253  Arlington Rage  Henry Brush  Finalist
 G08 D2 W/C A 10522 4258  Westwood Rovers  Terry Connaughton  Champion
 G06 D1 AA 5529 2151  Needham Strikers  Deana Moreschi  2nd Place Group A
 G06 D2 C 3977 2262  Canton United  Thomas Giglio  Semi-Finalist
 B PG A 11271 8106  South End Scores  Ethan Goldman

 Semi-Finalist Sportsmanship

 B PG W/C B 11287 8104  Franklin Panthers  Sean Flynn  3rd Place Group A
 B10 D1 A 11335 6103  Cambridge FC 10.1  Bruce Fischl   Finalist
 B10 D1 W/C A 11305 6112  Dedham Diablos  Robert Rotchford  2nd Place Group C
 B10 D2 A 11288 6203  Franklin Strikers  Lou Moccia  3rd Place Group A
 B08 D1 A 5059 4106  Framingham Flyers  Frank Bagnardi  Semi-Finalist
 B08 D2 A 3113 4206  Acton-Boxboro Cosmos  Peter Henry  Champion
 B06 D1 A1 5460 2101  Lexington United Golden Lions  Ignacio Martinez  Semi-Finalist
 B06 D2 D 11234 2209  Wayland Benfica  Michael Martins  3rd Place Group C
 B06 D2 W/C B 11166 2208  Dover-Sherborn Jaguars  Adrian Hill  Champion Sportsmanship


Decoding MTOC IDs  The four digit number has three fields.  The first character refers to the age group

2 = 12U or Grade 6

4 = 14U or Grade 8

6 - 16U or Grade 10

8 - 19U or Grade PG

The second character refers to the division either 1 or 2 (Grade PG is only Div 1)

The last two digits are sequence numbers 1-12 for boys when 3 flights of 4 - less if smaller competition.  Girls are 51-62 when 3 flights of 4.

Note the PG competition this year is 16 teams so Boys are 1-16 and girls are 51-66 in this age bracket