18 and older Adult Athlete Requirements (High School Teams) updated for 2023

A new Federal requirement has been imposed on all amateur sports in the US where "Adult" athletes are playing alongside minor athletes. On the front page of your club  dashboard in Association connect is the following banner:  

 NEW - Players 18+ (Adult Athlete) SafeSport 90-minute CORE training  requirement: https://www.mayouthsoccer.org/about/adult-athlete-safesport-information/

This needs to be passed on to any players born before July 1, 2005 that will be  playing with (on the same roster as) players born on or after July 1, 2005. Each player in that situation must take the course and receive a certificate that must be given to and retained by the Club registrar. If the player has not taken the course, they may not be placed on a roster with younger players.  

 There are three scenarios: 

  • All players born before July 1, 2005 - no SafeSport training required.

  •  All players born on or after July 1, 2005 - no SafeSport training required. 

  • Roster contains players born before July 1, 2005 and on or after July 1,  2005, each player born before July 1, 2005 must have completed SafeSport CORE training and electronically sent the certificate to the club registrar.  

The original plan was for the certificates to be archived in Association Connect. The site  was updated in January to have a place for these certificates (similar to the location for the Adult Coaches and Administrators)  

If you are a Soccer Connect club, the player may upload their certificate in Soccer  Connect and it will populate in Association Connect. Send the BAYS registrar  ([email protected]) the name (first and last) of any player uploading and he will verify  and place the player's name on a google sheet for the division directors to use when  validating the roster.  

For non- Soccer Connect users, the registrar may share the certificate with the  BAYS registrar one of two ways:

  • Email - send an email with the certificate attached to [email protected] 

    •  The attached file should be named lastname_firstname_club (e.g. Dalrymple_David_Bedford) and the subject line should be SafeSport Certificate. 

  • Google Share - upload the document - named properly to your google  drive and share it to [email protected]  

This is for all teams that have the mixed players - does not matter whether MTOC or non-MTOC; 11 v 11 or 7v7.  

Note that any SafeSport Certificate completed after January 1, 2022 is valid for Spring 2023.

Questions may be directed to the BAYS Registrar

David - [email protected] 

Updated April 2023