BAYS Match Rule N – League Make Up

  1. The league shall be subdivided into playing sections according to gender, grade, and divisional levels of competition as provided for in these bylaws.
  2. Within each grade group, teams will be assigned to divisions that reflect differing team strength/ability characteristics in order to provide competitive games, with first division (or any other division established by the board as the highest) for the strongest teams, and higher numbered divisions for progressively less-skilled teams.
  3. The BAYS Board of Directors will establish annually which playing divisions will be offered in each age group and will provide this information in the registration materials for the upcoming season.
  4. The Competition Committee will be responsible for placing all teams in the appropriate competitive divisions, for each age and gender group. All divisions shall be re-formed prior to each playing season. At registration time, each town/club shall be allowed to identify the divisions in which it would like to have its teams play; these requests will be given due consideration, along with the teams’ recent playing records and other pertinent factors. Ultimately, the Competition Committee has the discretion to place a team in a higher or lower division than requested.
  5. The relative strength of a town's/club's teams in an age/gender group shall be listed in descending order on the registration form—unless some of them are identified as being of equal strength.
  6. Following placement into the applicable playing strength divisions by the Competition Committee, the committee shall assign each team into playing sections, duly taking into account geographical considerations. The priority for creating playing sections will be: 1) Six-team sections (wherever possible); 2) Double four-team sections; 3) Paired five-team sections with crossover games; 4) Other schedules as necessitated by the number of teams available.
  7. If towns indicate special field sharing or time change requirements on their registration packets, every effort will be made to accommodate these needs in the printed BAYS schedule.