7. Acceptance of Teams

Teams from the Boston area may join BAYS through the following procedure:

  • The Board will send a registration package to all sponsoring organizations which participated in BAYS during the previous season and to any other sponsoring organizations that have notified BAYS of their interest. 
  • The registration package will indicate the deadline for applications and shall contain all necessary instructions and forms for application. 
  • Applications must be submitted no later than the deadline date, together with the full registration fee. 
  • Late registrations, if accepted by the board, will be subject to late penalty fees as set by the board. 
  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for maintaining a current and complete file of proof of age for each player and copies of proof of medical insurance and liability waivers. 
  • Teams and sponsoring organizations shall be responsible for complying with all Mass. Youth Soccer Association registration requirements.

All applications so submitted shall be voted upon at the first Board meeting following the application deadline.  The Board shall, in reaching a decision on approving such application, always act to enable as many teams to participate as possible, consistent with availability of facilities and referees, an assessment of the good sportsmanship of the sponsoring organization, by-law requirements, maintenance of sound league structure and geographical balance, and the best interests of the overall BAYS membership.