10. Sportsmanship Review Committee

PURPOSE: The Sportsmanship Review Committee (SRC) will review all issues of sportsmanship, violation of the BAYS Constitution, by-laws, or rules that arise before, during, or after any BAYS games.

MEMBERSHIP: The Committee will be chaired by the second vice-president and will include the immediate past president and third vice-president as members and at least five other members nominated by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. A quorum will consist of three members. The SRC may request as a non-voting advisor a certified USSF referee designated by the Referees Representative

PROCEDURE: Matters to be considered by the SRC may first be referred by its Chairman to the Division Director for the teams involved. It will be his/her role to gather facts and to review the issue with representatives of the teams and clubs as well as other involved individuals such as the referee, parents, bystanders, etc. 

Some referred matters may be resolvable by the Division Director; some others may need to be returned to the SRC for resolution; still others may be taken up directly by the SRC. The Second vice-president will have full discretion as to the mode of disposition for all matters coming under the purview of the SRC.

When the SRC takes jurisdiction over a matter, its Chairman will set a time and date for the matter to be reviewed and will request those involved to be present. After an open discussion of the matter with all interested parties present given an opportunity to be heard, the committee will meet privately to reach a determination. The committee will inform the parties once a decision has been reached.

PENALTIES: In addition to the penalties specified by the BAYS Constitution, by-laws, or rules, the SRC may approve additional penalties as judged to be appropriate to the severity of the action. They may include:

a. Suspension of participation for up to the remainder of a season as well as participation in future seasons.
b. Awarding of forfeits.
c. The requirement that a game be replayed.
d. The elimination of a game from a team's schedule.
e. Reduction in a team's points.
f. The suspension of a team for consideration in state play.
g. Assessment of monetary fines.

Decisions of the SRC will take effect immediately upon notification of the parties involved.


Decisions of the SRC may be appealed only to the BAYS Board of Directors. Such appeals may be considered at a regular board meeting, or by a special board meeting called by the President or at the request of five BAYS Directors. The President may delay the imposition of penalties until a board meeting has been held. Otherwise the penalties are in effect until the appeal is held.