BAYS - Section Boys Grade 8 4/B

Section Leadership
Division Director: Steven Kohler
Section Captain: Constantino DeLollis
Section Standings
TeamSNTeam#WLTFPTSGFGA+/-CoachA Coach
Wellesley El Diablo13397721022341420Constantino DeLollisKevin Nielsen
Arlington B8 Animals54053622020351520Gregg TucciJeremy Gregory
Westwood Wolves610512523018302010Michael DEntremontNone
J.P. Athletics252454600123145-14Marc PelletierDan Tamasauskas
Newton B Newton Wildcats45856201071688Laura RutherfordBret Harsham
Winchester Warriors3849271071738-21Rich MacNeillePatrick McAuliffe
Section Members
TeamFieldCoachAssistant Coach
Winchester WarriorsManchester FieldRich MacNeillePatrick McAuliffe
Wellesley El DiabloConstantino DeLollisKevin Nielsen
Arlington B8 Animals18Gregg TucciJeremy Gregory
J.P. AthleticsEHS 11v11Marc PelletierDan Tamasauskas
Newton B Newton WildcatsFessenden 1985Laura RutherfordBret Harsham
Westwood WolvesMichael DEntremontNone
Schedule and Results by Week
Week 1
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48324/7/18 2:30pmHigh School Turf #4Wayland Rovers1 - 3Westwood Wolves
48604/7/18 4:00pmEnglish High School 11v11J.P. Athletics4 - 5Wellesley El Diablo
48314/7/18 6:00pmRyan Connolly 11v11Winchester Warriors3 - 2Arlington B8 Animals
Week 2
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48354/14/18 4:30pmAC TurfArlington B8 Animals3 - 0Wayland Rovers
48345/20/18 4:30pmWestwood Lodge 11v11Westwood Wolves5 - 0J.P. Athletics
48336/12/18 6:30pmElm Bank 4Wellesley El Diablo5 - 1Winchester Warriors
Week 3
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48384/21/18 1:30pmFlahive Field HS TurfWestwood Wolves5 - 5Arlington B8 Animals
48364/21/18 2:30pmHigh School Turf #4Wayland Rovers0 - 6Wellesley El Diablo
48375/6/18 9:30amManchester Track 11v11Winchester Warriors3 - 6J.P. Athletics
Week 4
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48394/28/18 3:00pmSprague 3 (turf)Wellesley El Diablo2 - 0Arlington B8 Animals
48414/28/18 3:00pmManchester Track 11v11Winchester Warriors0 - 2Westwood Wolves
48404/28/18 3:30pmEnglish High School 11v11J.P. Athletics5 - 2Wayland Rovers
Week 5
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48445/5/18 2:30pmHigh School Turf #4Wayland Rovers1 - 2Winchester Warriors
48425/5/18 3:00pmFlahive Field HS TurfWestwood Wolves2 - 5Wellesley El Diablo
48435/5/18 4:30pmAC TurfArlington B8 Animals6 - 0J.P. Athletics
Week 6
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48455/12/18 3:00pmElm Bank 4Wellesley El Diablo4 - 2J.P. Athletics
48465/12/18 4:30pmAC TurfArlington B8 Animals4 - 1Winchester Warriors
48475/26/18 4:30pmFlahive Field HS TurfWestwood Wolves3 - 1Wayland Rovers
Week 7
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48505/19/18 1:00pmHigh School Turf #4Wayland Rovers0 - 6Arlington B8 Animals
48485/19/18 3:00pmRyan Connolly 11v11Winchester Warriors0 - 5Wellesley El Diablo
48495/19/18 3:30pmEnglish High School 11v11J.P. Athletics3 - 2Westwood Wolves
Week 8
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48526/3/18 12:00pmEnglish High School 11v11J.P. Athletics5 - 2Winchester Warriors
48536/3/18 6:00pmAC TurfArlington B8 Animals2 - 2Westwood Wolves
48516/5/18 6:30pmElm Bank 4Wellesley El Diablo1 - 2Newton B Newton Wildcats
Week 9
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48556/2/18 1:30pmFessenden A/Class of 1985Newton B Newton Wildcats11 - 4J.P. Athletics
48566/2/18 1:30pmFlahive Field HS TurfWestwood Wolves5 - 2Winchester Warriors
48546/2/18 4:30pmAC TurfArlington B8 Animals2 - 0Wellesley El Diablo
Week 10
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
48576/9/18 3:00pmElm Bank 4Wellesley El Diablo1 - 1Westwood Wolves
48596/9/18 3:00pmManchester Track 11v11Winchester Warriors3 - 3Newton B Newton Wildcats
48586/9/18 3:30pmEnglish High School 11v11J.P. Athletics2 - 5Arlington B8 Animals