BAYS - Section Girls Grade 12 3/B

Section Leadership
Division Director: Dick Fischman
Section Captain: Dave Nace
Section Standings
TeamSNTeam#WLTFPTSGFGA+/-CoachA Coach
BAYS Westford Ghosts51058750201729821John MorrisonAllen Hall
Natick U1511054752011421813Bob HarlessNone
Sudbury Lady Warriors21058542101324222Kevin FrielRoss Duncan
Winchester Azzurri61055142101318126Lex DiMatteoDave Nace
Wellesley Tigers4105733401819163Francisco MartinezDavid Hatch
Westwood Breakers81056425006919-10John FoleyNone
Northboro Girls HS Fitzgerald310557160031732-15David FitzgeraldNone
A-B Eagles55571057016012424-20Elizabeth SchutskyMichael Maimone
Section Members
TeamFieldCoachAssistant Coach
Natick U15Bob HarlessNone
Winchester AzzurriLex DiMatteoDave Nace
Northboro Girls HS FitzgeraldDavid FitzgeraldNone
Westwood BreakersJohn FoleyNone
A-B Eagles55513BElizabeth SchutskyMichael Maimone
Wellesley TigersFrancisco MartinezDavid Hatch
Sudbury Lady WarriorsHAKevin FrielRoss Duncan
BAYS Westford GhostsNutting F1John MorrisonAllen Hall
Schedule and Results by Week
Week 2
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
73639/17/17 12:30pm13B LibertyA-B Eagles5550 - 7Sudbury Lady Warriors
73559/17/17 1:30pmElm Bank Field 2B (9v9)Natick U153 - 1Winchester Azzurri
73629/17/17 1:30pmNutting Field #1BAYS Westford Ghosts4 - 0Westwood Breakers
73649/17/17 1:30pmElm Bank 3AWellesley Tigers6 - 3Northboro Girls HS Fitzgerald
Week 3
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
73569/24/17 12:45pmHaskellSudbury Lady Warriors3 - 3BAYS Westford Ghosts
73659/24/17 1:30pmEllsworth-McAfee Field CNorthboro Girls HS Fitzgerald0 - 2Natick U15
73679/24/17 1:30pmElm Bank 3AWellesley Tigers1 - 2Westwood Breakers
736611/5/17 7:00pmRyan Connolly 9v9-BWinchester Azzurri1 - FA-B Eagles555A-B not able to field a team on Sunday.
Week 4
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
735710/1/17 1:30pm13B LibertyA-B Eagles5553 - 1Northboro Girls HS Fitzgerald
736810/1/17 1:30pmLeonard 9v9-CWinchester Azzurri0 - 2Sudbury Lady Warriors
736910/1/17 1:30pmNutting Field #1BAYS Westford Ghosts5 - 1Wellesley Tigers
737010/1/17 1:30pmMulti-Purpose 9v9 Turf WHSWestwood Breakers0 - 2Natick U15
Week 6
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
735810/15/17 12:00pmEllsworth-McAfee Field CNorthboro Girls HS Fitzgerald2 - 6Winchester Azzurri
737310/15/17 12:00pmHaskellSudbury Lady Warriors2 - 7Wellesley Tigers
737110/15/17 1:30pmMulti-Purpose 9v9 Turf WHSWestwood Breakers2 - 0A-B Eagles555
737210/15/17 1:30pmElm Bank Field 2A (9V9)Natick U150 - 4BAYS Westford Ghosts
Week 7
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
737610/22/17 12:00pmHaskellSudbury Lady Warriors5 - 4Northboro Girls HS Fitzgerald
735910/22/17 1:30pmThurston Upper 9v9Westwood Breakers1 - 4Winchester Azzurri
737410/22/17 1:30pm13B LibertyA-B Eagles5550 - 3BAYS Westford Ghosts
737510/22/17 1:30pmElm Bank Field 2A (9V9)Natick U15F - FWellesley Tigers
Week 8
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
737710/29/17 10:00amRyan Connolly 9v9-BWinchester Azzurri3 - 3BAYS Westford Ghosts
737810/29/17 12:00pmEllsworth-McAfee Field BNorthboro Girls HS Fitzgerald6 - 3Westwood Breakers
737910/29/17 12:30pmHaskellSudbury Lady Warriors3 - 7Natick U15
736010/29/17 1:30pmElm Bank 3AWellesley Tigers3 - 1A-B Eagles555
Week 9
Game #Game TimeFieldHome TeamScoreAway TeamNotes
738110/21/17 3:00pmNutting Field #1BAYS Westford Ghosts7 - 1Northboro Girls HS Fitzgerald
738011/5/17 10:00amRyan Connolly 9v9-AWinchester Azzurri3 - 1Wellesley Tigers
738211/5/17 12:45pmMulti-Purpose 9v9 Turf WHSWestwood Breakers1 - 2Sudbury Lady Warriors
736111/5/17 1:30pm13B LibertyA-B Eagles5550 - 7Natick U15