BAYS - Referee - New User Request

Instructions - Click Here

Here you can apply for a new referee user account. The registration application is a two stage process:

  • Complete an Application to Primary Town -> This triggers notification to the Primary Town Referee Administrator.
  • Primary Town Referee Assignor Evaluates Application ->This triggers an email notifying you of the outcome.
    • Approved - Once your application has been approved by your primary town, a user account will be created and an email notification will be sent out containing log-in instructions. You will then be able to apply to referee in additional towns, found under MyBays -> Referee -> Apply to Towns.
    • Denied - You should contact the Town Referee Assignor and determine if you need to make corrections to your application or need to apply to another town as your primary.

Why a Primary Town?

We are working hard at preventing FALSE accounts from being created. By having the town Referee Assignor verify accounts, we elminate 90% of the fake Referee Accounts.

Suggestions include Full Name or initial and Last Name (e.g. John Doe or jdoe). We will check for a duplicate username and inform you before you complete this application.
Provide a password for the new account in both fields.
Each account requires a UNIQUE email address. Therefore, you can not use a parental email account for multiple referee's. Each referee requires a unique email account.
Pro Tip: Please do not use corporate email addresses, as they are frequently configured to block email from organizations like BAYS.
Profile Information

The following information is collected for use by the BAYS organization and administrative staff. The information you provide is critically important:

  • If you need to be contacted by a Referee Assignor or Organizational member, we use the phone and email numbers provided.
  • If you referee enough to receive a 1099, we will email you the 1099 to the address provided.

Set this to your desired primary club/organization.
E.g., 06/26/2019
In addition to street address, include Apt, or Unit on this line.