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Records for Southboro Youth Soccer - By Gender - Age - Division - Section

Below you will find the standings of all teams part of Southboro Youth Soccer.

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SN # Team Field W-L-T-F PTS GF GA GD Coach Asst Coach
GIRLS-12 2/D 1952 Shooting Stars
0 Beth Alcock Erik Degregorio
GIRLS-12 4/D 1953 Explosion
0 Andrew Burzumato John Freeman
GIRLS-11 2/B 3536 Gunners
0 Matt Rhind
GIRLS-10 1/B 3996 Strikers
0 Daniel ORourke David Pelham
GIRLS-10 2/H 3997 Stars
0 Richard Hamel David Pelham
BOYS-12 1/A 2795 Galaxy
0 Ben Deschaine Kevin Hoolahan
BOYS-11 2/E 2797 Strikers
0 Brian Barnes Pradeep Pillai
BOYS-11 4/B 4008 Explosion
0 Scott Tilghman
BOYS-10 2/B 4003 Rebellion
0 Ben Deschaine
BOYS-10 2/H 4004 Galaxy
0 Rachid Mansour
BOYS-10 3/G 4005 Sharks
0 Donald Dumont
BOYS-10 4/D 4471 Storm
0 Ted Gowdy

Organizational Members

Title Name Phone Email
President Colin Hynes (508) 481-4121 E-mail
Registrar Ellen Faherty (508) 481-0828 E-mail
Referee Assignments Jared Bouzan (413) 530-1818 E-mail
Field Scheduler Scott Moy (508) 229-8545 E-mail
Girls Director Jennifer Selig 508-481-7979 E-mail
Director David Boloz 508-481-0560 E-mail
Girls Director Not Available
Boys Director Erik Degregorio 508-485-5530 E-mail
Immediate Past President Christina Sweeney (508) 303-6543 E-mail