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Patriots 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

The Patriots is a member of Section 187.
This is a U-12, DIV: 3 SEC: G
The team color is White/Blue

Welcome to the Team page for the "Patriots", member of A-B . Below you will find the Team Schedule.

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Home Field16B

Team Schedule

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Game # Scheduled
Game Date
Field Home Team Score Away Team Notes
4500 04/11/15 3:00 pm Cutting Sudbury Scream - A-B Patriots
4473 04/18/15 10:30 am 16B AB Lower Fields (Turf) 8v8 A-B Patriots - Newton G Wildcats
4476 04/25/15 9:00 am Leonard 8v8-B Winchester Azzurri - A-B Patriots
4479 05/02/15 10:30 am 16B AB Lower Fields (Turf) 8v8 A-B Patriots - Belmont G12-3 Barracudas
4482 05/09/15 10:30 am McClennen Park 1 Arlington Thunder - A-B Patriots
4485 05/16/15 10:30 am 16B AB Lower Fields (Turf) 8v8 A-B Patriots - Sudbury Scream
4488 05/23/15 10:30 am Weeks 5A Newton G Wildcats - A-B Patriots
4491 05/30/15 10:30 am 16B AB Lower Fields (Turf) 8v8 A-B Patriots - Winchester Azzurri
4494 06/06/15 10:30 am Grove St. (4A) Belmont G12-3 Barracudas - A-B Patriots
4497 06/13/15 10:30 am 16B AB Lower Fields (Turf) 8v8 A-B Patriots - Arlington Thunder


  changed section
  Designates Official BAYS game
Does not count towards standings
  Designates one team is in cross over section.

Coaching Staff

Title Name Phone Email
Coach Debbie Calderon 978-266-1067 E-mail
Assistant Coach Edward Fox 978-631-4157 E-mail
Manager Not Available

Organizational Members

Title Name Phone Email
President Chris Habersaat (978) 263-6088 E-mail
Registrar Holly Fitzgerald (978) 266-2842 E-mail
Referee Assignments Blaine Carroll (978) 264-4121 E-mail
Field Scheduler Ernst Oddsund 978-635-3403 E-mail
Director Mitch Doherty (978) 844-6589 E-mail
Girls Director Dave Scheuer (978) 263-2105 E-mail
Boys Director Dave Scheuer (978) 263-2105 E-mail
Assistant Registrar Susan Reuther (978) 266-1490 E-mail

Where are we playing?

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