Game Feedback for Coaches

Just a reminder of a new feature on the BAYS Website for coaches.  Should you wish to make a comment positive or negative relative to a game your team participated in or wish to give comments about the performance of the referee, you have the ability to do so.  You must login to the BAYS website via the Unified Login (under the Administration Tab at the top of the website).  Once logged in, a menu entitled "BAYS - Coach" will show up in the left hand navigation column.  Currently the only item on that menu is "Game Feedback"  Click on that and you will be presented with games to choose from.  Select the game you wish to enter a comment on and a feedback form will display.  If the feedback type selected is sportsmanship, the form routes to the BAYS 2nd VP, Referee feedback routes to the BAYS referee representative.  You can optionally add "share with club" in which case Sportsmanship feedback routes to both Club Presidents as well as the BAYS 2nd VP.  For referee feedback, the home club referee assignor is added.


Note - only coaches of the teams involved in the game have the ability to use this function.  If you click on the link and no games show up, it is because the user has not been assigned as a coach to that team.  Other individuals (spectators, players, relatives) that wish to offer comments are requested to route their comments through either their coach or their club administration.