18. Protests

All protests prior to the Friday of the tenth scheduled week of the season shall be sent to the BAYS first vice-president, and must be postmarked or accepted within 48 hours of the game in question. Each protest must be accompanied by a protest fee of $50. The protest will be forwarded to the chairperson of the protest board. For teams in MTOC-eligible divisions, all protests starting with the Friday of the tenth scheduled week must be reported by the later of 8:00 PM or one hour following the completion of the game on the day of the protested game. For these final week protests, the protest board will meet the night of the protested game if the allowing of the protest could affect the divisional playoff pairings. The $50 fee will be hand carried to the meeting. The opposing coach and the referee must be notified at the field of the intention to protest. Failure to give this notification could lead to disallowing the protest.

The chairperson for the BAYS protest board shall establish a group of people knowledgeable about the game of soccer who will agree to be available to participate on the protest board. For a particular protest, a quorum will consist of at least three people from the protest board who are assigned by the chairperson. At least one of the assigned members must be a USSF referee. None of the people assigned for a particular protest shall have any direct interest in that protest. The chairperson shall contact all parties involved to solicit information and written materials concerning the protest, notify all parties of the protest board meeting when it is set, and see that a written decision concerning the protest is provided to all parties.

Disposition of all protests will be given within 14 days after the receipt of all required written materials, except for those protests handled under the 10th week rule, in which case disposition will be given the night of the protested game.

All actions of the protest board may be appealed to the Mass. Youth Soccer appeals board by following their procedure. The protest board chairperson will provide information on the appeal procedure to all parties in the written decision.