15. Consequences of Ejection

  1. If the referee ejects a person from any game between two BAYS teams, that person will be automatically suspended from participating in the next BAYS game that his/her team actually plays. If the ejection is received during a BAYS playoff game, the person is suspended from the next BAYS playoff game. If the ejection was for violent conduct, fighting, or certain forms of serious foul play, the suspension will automatically be for two BAYS games. The ejection report and passcard (when required) shall be sent immediately to the ejection secretary; the passcard MUST be retained by the referee at the game in all circumstances. If a suspended person does participate in a game for which the suspension applies, the team will forfeit the game and this violation will be referred to the Sportsmanship Review Committee.
  2. If a person receives a second ejection during a season, the matter will be referred to the Sportsmanship Review Committee, which may subject the offender to additional discipline.
  3. If the ejection secretary considers an ejection offense to be serious, or if there are more than two ejections in a game, the ejection secretary shall refer the situation to the Sportsmanship Review Committee.
  4. To have a passcard returned, you must contact the ejection secretary immediately after all games for which the suspension applies have been completed to indicate where to mail the passcards that are to be returned. The ejection secretary will not mail any passcard until notified. A person who needs his/her passcard for activities outside the BAYS league during the period of suspension from BAYS games may make arrangements with the ejection secretary to obtain the passcard, after providing the ejection secretary with an appropriate contact for the outside activity. The ejection secretary will notify that contact of the suspension in effect in the BAYS league. It is the responsibility of the person to return the passcard to the ejection secretary immediately after the outside activity.