2015 Playoff and MTOC info

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Playoffs start on Sunday June 14th for tiebreaker games and Monday June 15th for quarter final games. Please fill out the attached form. Be sure to list conflicts and the nature of the conflict for every day from Monday June 15th through Saturday June 20th.  This information is needed to plan the playoffs and MTOC. The information will be available to the playoff committee. We will make every attempt to build a schedule that works for everyone. You need to be specific.  Note that games may be moved due to conflicts after the teams are known (e.g. if one team has a school conflict on the date of the semi-finals, the playoff committee may not take that into account in scheduling the semi-final until the team wins the quarter-final).  Be sure to poll your entire team for the entire week.


This is due no later than Saturday June 6th, 5:00 PM. Scheduling conflicted raised after this time can not be honored. 

Are there any evening during the week of June 15th through 19th where there is a school wide function that might preclude you fielding a team. We will do the best to work around your town's events. * Be specific (e.g. Middle school graduation is Wednesday - June 17th - seven of my players are graduating). If none, specify "none".

If you win the playoffs will your team go to MTOC the weekend of June 26th - 28th? Teams that enter the playoffs and win the playoffs but do not field a team will be subject to a substantial fine.