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Records for Hopkinton Youth Soccer Association - By Gender - Age - Division - Section

Below you will find the standings of all teams part of Hopkinton Youth Soccer Association.

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SN # Team Field W-L-T-F PTS GF GA GD Coach Asst Coach
GIRLS-14 2/C 3323 GU14 Academy A
0 Wayne Sygrove Fernando Vitorino
GIRLS-14 3/E 3324 GU14 Academy B
0 Joel Cordeiro
GIRLS-12 2/D 4081 GU12 Academy A
0 Wayne Sygrove Joel Cordeiro
GIRLS-12 3/D 4212 Cheetahs
0 Robert Cole Steven Levandosky
GIRLS-12 3/K 4082 GU12 Academy B
0 Fernando Vitorino
GIRLS-11 3/D1 4085 Comets
0 Shannon Sansonetti Doug Cox
GIRLS-10 2/C 4219 Lions
0 Bradley VanBuren Jeff Bouffard
GIRLS-10 3/L 4220 Tigers
0 Jerry Hughes Dan ORourke
BOYS-14 2/F 4087 BU14 Academy A
0 Matthew Pecheone Pete Gallo
BOYS-14 3/F 2842 Warriors
0 Jerry Spar Sal Guerra
BOYS-14 4/J 3641 United
0 Timothy Ritterbusch Henry Lombard
BOYS-12 2/E 3331 BU12 Academy
0 Pete Gallo

Organizational Members

Title Name Phone Email
President Amy Mick (508) 435-2687 E-mail
Registrar Christine Tourigny 508-435-2470 E-mail
Referee Assignments Colette Cronin (508) 435-5523 Not Available
Field Scheduler Christine Tourigny 508-435-2470 E-mail
Treasurer Dan Ryan (508) 435-4289 E-mail
Boys Director Bradley VanBuren 617-233-6570 E-mail
Girls Director Nigel Ewing (508) 497-9428 E-mail